Tuesday, July 10, 2012

(not the) National Poultry Show

Vanessa the White Leghorn and Emmeline the Light
may have missed out on the catwalk, but they
feature as page 100 girls in a new magazine.

Hot Dang! I missed the National Poultry Show, held in Hamilton last weekend. I’d planned to go, but two biggies — Life and Work — got in the way. So I’ve rustled up some props (fallen leaves) with which to hold my own Poultry Show. Here, right at home and with no rosette-claiming characteristics apart from audacity, my chooks strut their stuff.

Oh, and if you find yourself near a branch of New World in the near future, slip in and get a copy of that supermarket’s Real magazine (July–August issue) so you can read my double-page spread on “Backyard Beauties” — keeping chickens. The magazine also has
recipes and other interesting things, such as how to “Make your own Mug Warmer”.

Henemoa and Amelia. As a Rhode Island
Red and a New Hampshire Red, they
are cousins of a kind.
Alice the Australorp (left) is actually more
than twice the size of Victoria the Araucana,
but in her mind, Victoria towers above all.


  1. such fine looking feathered friends show or no-show !

  2. Such handsome girls ... every bit as impressive - and in some cases more so - as the Hamilton collection ( I know - I was there!).

  3. Thank you both. They've come a long way since the autumn moult.