Monday, April 23, 2012

Picky Eater

It’s one thing to know the theory, that cats are fussy about their food. It’s quite another — and very frustrating — to have first-hand experience.   

Cosmo lives under the house. Despite being a beggar with no right to be a chooser (he moved in uninvited and pays no board), he has eschewed eating out of cans. He requires fresh meat at least once a day.

Anyway, after several meals of the inferior fare attracted mainly flies, I gave in. At the supermarket I swapped the remaining unopened cans for one pot of JIMBO’S, the fresh catfood I’d been told Cosmo liked. Initial responses to the new menu were positive, so I’ve offered it ever since.

This brand is hellishly expensive. And its catfood costs about three dollars more than its dogfood, just as ‘budget’ haircuts for women are sometimes dearer than those for men. Surely that’s unfair.

But as a matter for popular outrage and public protest, discriminatory price differentials within the petfood category can’t compete with fracking, the loss of the Denniston Plateau or the End of the World as We Know It (EWWKI), otherwise known as global warming. 

So rather than march up Queen Street chanting slogans against fat-cat capitalist petfood manufacturers, a few days ago I quietly bought JIMBO’S dogfood for Cosmo.

In fact it was a happy accident. I must have focused so much on selecting the best ‘best before’ date on the lid that I forgot to check the catfood label on the side.

So did the cat.


  1. It's great Cosmo is immune to the capitalist marketing tricks :)SIlly Fluffy just discovered super-expensive cat-treats, I wonder what would she do with a dried cow ear? :)

  2. I imagine she'd do with a cow ear what Cosmo did with a fresh sprat that Carol caught and cut up for him: very little, apart from being singularly unimpressed! The chickens liked it, though. (People say that fish taints the taste of their eggs, but mine mostly aren't laying at the moment.)